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  • Because there’s no other retailer group like RetailSpeaks out there (click here and we’ll prove it)

  • Because you’re tired of flying solo.

  • Because hearing “You’re the only store who has this problem” makes you crazy.

  • Because you like what you do...and want to do it better.

  • Because you can’t possibly see every vendor at every show all by yourself.

  • Because you’d like suggestions on employee issues.

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  • Because you need to know which vendors have good track records,
    and which don’t.

  • Because sometimes you need help locating hard-to-find items.

  • Because you’d like suggestions on customer issues.

  • Because big boxes are nibbling away at independents, and you don’t want to be the next casualty.

  • Because national chains like Hallmark are already doing this, and you need to stay a step ahead of them.

  • Because there’s no reason not to.